Molly Eisenberg

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Welcome to Team Molly. Almost two years after her death in 2009, we continue to be amazed at the effect Molly had on people everywhere coast to coast during her brief but significant 19 years.

Molly Eisenberg was born in California but grew up and became a real New Englander at a young age. Her passions included sports, good food, music, friends, family, fashion, poetry, holidays, wild animals, the latest gadgets and travel. She played different sports throughout school but dedicated herself to the Lexington High School volleyball team for four meaningful years from 2004 to 2008. As a junior she earned the Sportsmanship award and as a senior and co-captain, she was named an All Star Player.

Molly became a passionate Red Sox, Patriot and Boston Celtic fan and was blessed to see all three teams become champions. She loved a parade, especially one that followed a world championship.

Molly decided to attend the University of Oregon when her family moved West. She was diagnosed with germ cell ovarian cancer one week into her freshman year at Oregon. She returned to her family’s new home in the San Francisco Bay area and began a yearlong battle against the disease, undergoing 3 major surgeries, months of chemotherapy, numerous tests and scans. She lost her battle against cancer in late October of 2009.

Throughout her ordeal, Molly maintained her well-known sense of humor, dignity and determination. Many recall Molly’s winning smile, unbelievable eyes, infectious laugh, and mischievous quality, but it was perhaps her ability to shake off setbacks and adversity and move on that made her special. She did not let bad news and disappointment get her down. It is this quality which inspires us and those who knew her, and even those she never met. We hope she continues to inspire others for a long time and that her memory of strength and laughter live on.

It is our wish that the Team Molly project contributes to research against cancer and brings awareness, so other young women can seek treatment. We are honored to share Molly’s name and legacy with this cause for 2011.

Karen Large, Eric and Jill Eisenberg

Molly’s family