Dear MIAA Member,

We are contacting you on behalf of the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Coalition, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association and The Rendon Group to ask for your support and the involvement of your student athletes in a unique and important awareness campaign entitled Team Molly.

Nationwide, the month of September is dedicated to the massive dissemination of information alerting women to the symptoms and warning signs of ovarian cancer. Although ovarian cancer is less common in young women, it does happen and we believe it is important to educate young women and men of all ages. By learning about symptoms at an early age, young women can educate themselves and the women in their families until there is a successful screening program. Team Molly is an education effort, which bears the name of a brave young woman and all-star athlete, Molly Eisenberg of Lexington, Massachusetts. In 2009, at just 19 years old, Molly lost her battle with ovarian cancer. Team Molly encourages high school students to educate their peers and family, reminding them to take care of themselves through exercise, doctor visits, a healthy lifestyle and awareness and by wearing the (free) Team Molly apparel to a game during the month of September.

The Team Molly campaign is something we think all Massachusetts student athletes and students in general can relate to.

We hope that your athletic teams will join the Team Molly campaign during the month of September and participate in this important awareness effort.

We are asking all sports teams to join Team Molly and help us create awareness at their schools about ovarian cancer, by wearing the teal Team Molly gear to at least one of their games during the month of September. All schools are eligible to receive one free kit. Team Molly awareness kits include: Team Molly T-shirts (20 per kit), (40) Team Molly sweat bands, (20) Team Molly bumper stickers, (20) pairs of teal shoelaces and awareness informational hand-cards for distribution at sporting events.

All Team Molly athletic teams are encouraged to take pictures of your team in their apparel and submit to their local paper and to Team Molly.

To join Team Molly or to get more information about the Team Molly campaign, email Kari Johnston at or visit

Teal is the official color of Ovarian Cancer Awareness and we hope that through this effort the MIAA community will demonstrate its commitment to service and wellness. We look forward to turning the Massachusetts high school sporting world Teal for the month of September!

Thank you for your consideration and we hope to hear from you soon.


Bill Gaine
Deputy Director
Coach Jane Bergin
Lexington High School
Volleyball Team
Nancy Farrell
M. Patricia Cronin Foundation To Fight Ovarian Cancer